The Faithful Father and The Doors…

Amore’ (Daughter): What a journey! Seriously… that’s what it’s been. There have been so many twists and turns and yet… here I am. When I look back now, of course, I see A LOT more of things. I also see God in every step. I didn’t see it at the time but God was definitelyContinue reading “The Faithful Father and The Doors…”

And The Ride Continues…

In our last live we shared several events that started the restoration between us. Dale (Father): Even though I, as the parent, had been faithfully praying and believing in the promise that God would restore what the enemy had stolen, I was never given a blue print or date as to a time restoration wouldContinue reading “And The Ride Continues…”


Amore’ (Daughter): When you think of the word abandoned, you typically think of a stray dog or old home, right? When I used to think about it, I thought about my dad. You see, what some people don’t realize is that I remember my dad leaving and moving a couple of times. But it’s notContinue reading “Abandoned…”


AMORE’ (Daughter): Emptiness. This word carries so much weight even though the very definition means nothing. How does that even work? A lot of events in our lives can cause this feeling. For me, it definitely started after my dad left. As I got older, my feelings for my dad changed all the time. IContinue reading “Emptiness”

Assortment – Second Blog Post

AMORE’ (Daughter): When I think back to the time after my life was completely changed, I can’t really pinpoint all the emotions that I was feeling. I guess I would call it an assortment. I was mad, sad, confused, and even lonely. What most may not know, is that there was a time after weContinue reading “Assortment – Second Blog Post”