The Vision: Faithfully Restored

Welcome to Faithfully Restored! We are so excited you stumbled upon our page and ministry! We believe nothing is by accident and we give God all the glory from our story! May His will be done. We know that without Him, we would still be in the dark, broken place that we used to be in.

Daddy/Daughter relationships are special. There is nothing quite like that bond. The first time a new dad lays eyes on their baby girl, the whole world stops. For the daughter, the first person you ever love is your daddy and you set every standard for the future measured by his impact on your life. The relationship is meant to grow and last forever.

So what happens when that relationship is broken? The rejection can be overwhelming and devastating for both. This is our story of restoration from our daddy/daughter relationship that was broken for 12 years due to unfortunate circumstances as a product of a divorce. Journey with us through two different perspectives (a daughter and a father) as we share our hearts, struggles and victories of overcoming by the Word of God and with open, honest communication. Our purpose is to share our story of restoration in hopes of helping you find hope and healing from any rejection or broken relationships. The world needs truth and we feel this, along with other topics are so often swept under the rug by the church. We are here to walk through this journey with you… pray for you and give you some insight on how to navigate through this muddy season in life. We pray our obedience to be vulnerable with our gut wrenching and raw story will inspire you to allow the Lord to restore you and give you freedom from holding on to past hurts.